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Central Freight Lines

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Central Freight Parcel Tracker

Central Freight Lines Inc. is an American company in Waco, Texas and it’s serving couriers in the southeastern and southwestern United States.

Central Freight Lines continues to look for growth opportunities without losing its focus on consistent, reliable LTL service to its core area which is comprised of 80 terminals from Miami to Los Angeles. It provides network supports warehousing, inventory control, and distribution capabilities for those corporations looking to outsource their supply chain needs.

Central Freight Tracking Customer Service

Accounts Payable254-741-5355254-741-5288
Accounts Receivable254-741-5282254-741-5252
Customer Service800-782-5036254-741-5370
Human Resources972-554-5326972-554-5358
Information Systems254-741-5266254-741-5274
Loss & Damage Claims254-741-5227254-741-5295

How do I Track my Central Freight?

If you want to track your Central Freight Parcel so you should have a tracking number printed on your receipt, it starts with 2 alphabets then 9 numbers, and at the end, there are 2 alphabets “CA” if, it’s about Canada, (e.g. DF 555 555 555 CA).

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