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UAE Zip Code

UAE Zip Code – The United Arab Emirates (UAE) does not have a zip code system. Instead, addresses in the UAE are identified by a combination of the following:

  • Emirate: The UAE is divided into seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, and Fujairah.
  • City: Each emirate is divided into cities. For example, Abu Dhabi is divided into Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Al Dhafra.
  • District: Each city is divided into districts. For example, Abu Dhabi is divided into the sections of Al Ain, Al Bateen, Al Dhafrah, Al Falah, and Al Karama.
  • Street: Each district is divided into lanes. For example, Al Bateen is divided into 1st Street, 2nd Street, 3rd Street, and so on.
  • Building number: Each building on the street is assigned a number. For example, 100 Al Bateen Street is the building with the number 100 on Al Bateen Street.

In addition to the above, some UAE addresses may include a PO Box number. A PO Box number is a unique identifier assigned to a post office box. PO Box numbers are used to receive mail not delivered to a physical address.

What is the zip code of the UAE?

The postal code of Dubai is “00000” and if you want to know the Dubai zip code then it’s also “00000”. So now if someone asking you for a Dubai zip code or you want to send a parcel to Dubai then you can mention the Dubai zip code that is “five times zero“.

There are also different types of central zip codes, which you can also use, like Dubai’s central zip code is 337-1500, Jumeirah’s zip code is 3337-1500, and Mumtaz’s speed zip code is 337-1243. As you have understood about it so Dubai central post office always advises writing the zip code of Dubai which is “00000”.

What is the Format of Malling’s Address for Dubai and UAE

Mailing addresses in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) follow a specific format that includes the recipient’s name, building name and number, street name and number, area or neighborhood, city, and country. Here is an example of what a mailing address in Dubai might look like:

Mr. John Smith Flat 12, Building 45 Al Wasl Road Jumeirah Dubai United Arab Emirates

In the UAE, it is also common to include the postal code in the mailing address.

It’s important to note that the address should be written in English, as it is the most commonly used language in the UAE for official and business communications.

Postal Address Formats to Use in the UAE

[Person’s name if required]
Company name

PO Box xxxxx
Emirate or City
United Arab Emirates
Person name
PO Box xxxxx
Emirate or City
United Arab Emirates
Person name
Emirate or City
United Arab Emirates
Person name
Location xxxxx
United Arab Emirates
Mr Ahmed Al Wasl, Manager
AAW General Trading
PO Box 12345
Ahmed Al Wasl
PO Box 12345
Ahmed Al Wasl
Ahmed Al Wasl
Dubai 12345

UAE Zip Codes

LocationZip or Postal Code
Bur Dubai postal code:00000
Bur Dubai zip code:00000
Deira Dubai postal code:00000
Deira Dubai zip code:00000
Deira postal code:00000
Abu hail postal code:125212 (Pin code)
Al Nahda postal code:98623
Al Nahda zip code:98623

You can also get a PO Box number by applying online through the Official Website of Emirates Post now.

LocationPO Box Number
Dubai PO Box Number:333388
Abu Dhabi PO Box Number:111188
Al-Ain PO Box Number:222288
Deira PO Box Number:444488
Sharjah PO Box Number:555588
Ajman PO Box Number:666688
Umm Al Quwain PO Box Number:777788
Fujairah PO Box Number:888888
Ras Al Khaimah PO Box Number:999988

FAQ: People Also Ask

Q 1 – What is the Postal code of Dubai?

Ans: The Postal code of Dubai is “00000” and it’s the same as the Dubai zip code.

Q 2 – What is the Zipcode of Dubai?

Ans: As I have already shared that the zip code of Dubai is “00000” which is similar to the Dubai Postal code.

Q 3 – What is the Abu Dhabi Postal code?

Ans: The Postal Code of Abi Dhabi is also “00000”.

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