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What is Huawei?

As you already know, In 2019 USA completely ban Huawei means there is no google operating system, play store services, intel, or snapdragon processor, and no one service from the USA.

Even Huawei was the best expensive-looking cheaper mobile phone, which could beat the other mobile companies like Samsung and IOS. but do you know suddenly what happened with Huawei?

Scam alert!!! HUAWEI-1312-KL10

USA companies found that Huawei is capturing data on their government’s server and it is very bad for us, So they decide to ban Huawei in the USA. Huawei also tried to launch their phone in India with duplicate play stores and applications, but Indian user was not satisfied with these features.

So I will recommend you don’t trust any fake Facebook or Instagram posts, Nowadays Honour is also popular, which is everything like google support, processor, etc. so you can use these phones by complete research.

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