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amazon delivered to wrong address

Hey, are looking to know If Amazon delivered the Order to the Wrong Address?

If Yes, then this is the right place to find out If Amazon Delivered your Package to the Wrong Address then what you should do.

Sometimes you order a package from Amazon but after some time you realized that by mistake you fill your wrong address, Pincode, or mobile number So it’s very difficult to change it on Amazon.

Even if you are not able to cancel your order because now the price of that product is increased and after the order, you can’t change anything but don’t worry, Now I will tell you What you should do If Amazon Delivered your order wrong Address.

So let’s get started !!

How to Change Address After Order in Amazon.

In October 2020, Amazon made an update that after order completion users can’t change their details like mobile number or shipping address, even amazon blocked this authority for customer care also.

they made this update after facing many frauds and spam but after this update many people facing problems because by mistake they select the wrong address or mobile number and now they can’t change it.

Amazon Order Says Delivered But Not Received

If an Amazon package is not delivered but Amazon says Delivered, so first check that if you fill wrong shipping address or pin code, because people use to deliver orders at multiple addresses, So carefully check your address should be correct.

What To Do When Amazon Delivers To The Wrong Address

Now I will tell you What To Do When Amazon Delivers To The Wrong Address and I hope these tips will help you to solve your problem otherwise you can cancel your order.

  • First of all, open the amazon application and then check your order status, On the button side you’ll get the “need help” option, just click on it and you can ask for health.
  • Then you can also contact on customer care number, maybe they’ll help you to correct your address otherwise they’ll give you an idea how you can get your package at home.
  • If the mobile number is wrong, then you can open your email which is registered with amazon then check your email amazon where you’ll get the content number and a pin to customer support.
  • Now If you check your details and everything is wrong in your shipping details like address, mobile number, pin code, etc. then you have also one way “Order Cancel“.

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