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tracking number formats by carrier

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What is Tracking Number Formats By Carrier?

There are many courier companies in the world and every organization has different types of tracking numbers that help you to identify your package uniquely.

Track Couriers are numbers or unique code given to the Parcel, or Package when they are transported from source to destination. Tracking numbers help know the live location of the packet or time-sensitive shipments.

There are many companies that have unique tracking numbers like UPS, FedEx, and the USPS – United States Postal Service, DHL, DTDC, India Post, Canada Post, Yanwen, Blue dart & many more.

USPS Tracking Number Format By Carrier

Mostly USPS Tracking Number Format is 20 digits ( 9999 9999 9999 9999 9999), or it can be a combination of 13 digits including alphabetic and numeric characters, typically starting with 2 Two alphabets, followed by 9 Nine digits, and ending by “US” United States (e.g., EA 999 999 999 US).

All Possible USPS Tracking Number Formats

ProviderTracking Number
USPS Tracking9400 1000 9999 9999 9999 99
Priority Mail9205 5000 8888 8888 8888 88
Certified Mail9407 3000 7777 7777 7777 77
Collect On Delivery Hold9303 3000 6666 6666 6666 66
Global Express Guaranteed82 000 000 00

USPS Service Sample Number

ProviderTracking Number
Priority Mail Express InternationalEC 000 000 000 US
Priority Mail Express9270 1000 0000 0000 0000 00
Priority Mail InternationalCP 000 000 000 US
Registered Mail9208 8000 0000 0000 0000 00
Signature Confirmation9202 1000 0000 0000 0000 00

UPS Tracking Number Format By Carrier

UPS Tracking number is eighteen alpha-numeric characters. It starts with ‘1Z’ and ends with a check digit. For example, 1Z 999 AA1 01 2345 6784. Check digit shows whether the UPS tracking number contains a mistype.

UPS Tracking Numbers Formatsis like this:-

  • Start with “1Z”:- 1Z9999999999999999
  • Start With Number:- 999999999999
  • Start With “T”:- 9999999999
  • 9 Number:- 999999999

UPS will also track the following kinds of tracking numbers, which include from seven to 20 characters:

  • Delivery Order/Sub-PRO Number: Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) and Truckload (TL) child Transport tracking numbers 
  • House Air Waybill: Used for air shipment transit
  • House Bill of Lading: Used for ocean shipping transportation 
  • PRO Number: Used for surface freight transportation
  • UPS InfoNotice: A bar-coded notice, which includes a 12-digit number, given on the first delivery in select countries
  • UPS Service Notice: An opinion given on the first delivery attempt in chosen countries.

Royal Mail Tracking Number Format By Carrier

The Royal Mail Tracking number is between 9 and 27 characters long. Your tracking number will be printed on your receipt given by the sender and it can be inserted via the Royal Mail Track and Trace service.

DHL Tracking Number Formats By Carrier

FedEx Tracking Number Formats By Carrier

DPD Tracking Number Example Format By Carrier

Hermes Tracking Number Formats By Carrier

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