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Miami Zip Code, FL Covers 104 ZIP Codes.

Miami is a city located on the Atlantic coast in southeastern Florida, United States. It is the third-most populous city in Florida and the eighth-most populous in the United States.

Miami is known for its beaches, cultural and arts scene, and diverse population. It is also a major center for finance, commerce, and international trade.

Some popular tourist destinations in Miami include South Beach, Little Havana, and the Miami Design District.

ZIP CodeTypeCountyPopulationArea Code(s)
ZIP Code 33101P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33102P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33106UniqueMiami-Dade0305 / 786
ZIP Code 33109StandardMiami-Dade594786 / 305
ZIP Code 33111P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33112UniqueMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33114P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0305 / 786
ZIP Code 33116P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33119P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33122StandardMiami-Dade1305 / 786
ZIP Code 33124P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0305 / 786
ZIP Code 33125StandardMiami-Dade52,677305 / 786
ZIP Code 33126StandardMiami-Dade46,867305 / 786
ZIP Code 33127StandardMiami-Dade28,909305
ZIP Code 33128StandardMiami-Dade7,562786 / 305
ZIP Code 33129StandardMiami-Dade13,833305
ZIP Code 33130StandardMiami-Dade26,108786 / 305
ZIP Code 33131StandardMiami-Dade14,917786 / 305
ZIP Code 33132StandardMiami-Dade11,165786 / 305
ZIP Code 33133StandardMiami-Dade31,926305
ZIP Code 33134StandardMiami-Dade37,456305 / 786
ZIP Code 33135StandardMiami-Dade36,066305 / 786
ZIP Code 33136StandardMiami-Dade13,791786 / 305
ZIP Code 33137StandardMiami-Dade19,410305
ZIP Code 33138StandardMiami-Dade27,571305
ZIP Code 33140StandardMiami-Dade21,210305 / 786
ZIP Code 33141StandardMiami-Dade35,249305 / 786
ZIP Code 33142StandardMiami-Dade52,606305
ZIP Code 33143StandardMiami-Dade31,407305 / 786
ZIP Code 33144StandardMiami-Dade26,903305
ZIP Code 33145StandardMiami-Dade29,758305 / 786
ZIP Code 33146StandardMiami-Dade14,995305 / 786
ZIP Code 33147StandardMiami-Dade46,933305 / 786
ZIP Code 33149StandardMiami-Dade12,389305
ZIP Code 33150StandardMiami-Dade27,811305
ZIP Code 33151P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33152P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33153P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33154StandardMiami-Dade13,971305 / 786
ZIP Code 33155StandardMiami-Dade43,788305 / 786
ZIP Code 33156StandardMiami-Dade31,315305 / 786
ZIP Code 33157StandardMiami-Dade63,226786 / 305
ZIP Code 33158StandardMiami-Dade6,694305 / 786
ZIP Code 33160StandardMiami-Dade40,053786 / 305
ZIP Code 33161StandardMiami-Dade53,710305 / 786 / 954
ZIP Code 33162StandardMiami-Dade43,539305 / 786 / 954
ZIP Code 33163P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33164P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33165StandardMiami-Dade56,149305
ZIP Code 33166StandardMiami-Dade23,038305 / 786
ZIP Code 33167StandardMiami-Dade18,846305 / 786
ZIP Code 33168StandardMiami-Dade25,792305 / 786
ZIP Code 33169StandardMiami-Dade39,353305 / 786
ZIP Code 33170StandardMiami-Dade12,253786
ZIP Code 33172StandardMiami-Dade37,664305 / 786
ZIP Code 33173StandardMiami-Dade33,141305 / 786
ZIP Code 33174StandardMiami-Dade32,524305 / 786
ZIP Code 33175StandardMiami-Dade53,206305 / 786
ZIP Code 33176StandardMiami-Dade50,170305 / 786
ZIP Code 33177StandardMiami-Dade53,191305 / 786
ZIP Code 33178StandardMiami-Dade39,489305 / 786
ZIP Code 33179StandardMiami-Dade41,332305 / 786
ZIP Code 33180StandardMiami-Dade30,840305 / 954
ZIP Code 33181StandardMiami-Dade18,413305 / 786
ZIP Code 33182StandardMiami-Dade16,929305 / 786
ZIP Code 33183StandardMiami-Dade35,949305 / 786
ZIP Code 33184StandardMiami-Dade21,075305 / 786
ZIP Code 33185StandardMiami-Dade27,189305 / 786
ZIP Code 33186StandardMiami-Dade67,137305 / 786
ZIP Code 33187StandardMiami-Dade16,315786
ZIP Code 33188UniqueMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33189StandardMiami-Dade23,828786 / 305
ZIP Code 33190StandardMiami-Dade11,593786 / 305
ZIP Code 33191StandardMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33192StandardMiami-Dade0305 / 786
ZIP Code 33193StandardMiami-Dade46,044305 / 786
ZIP Code 33194StandardMiami-Dade7,742305 / 786
ZIP Code 33195StandardMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33196StandardMiami-Dade43,620786
ZIP Code 33197P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33198StandardMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33199UniqueMiami-Dade0305 / 786
ZIP Code 33206UniqueMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33222P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0305
ZIP Code 33231P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786 / 305
ZIP Code 33233P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0305 / 786
ZIP Code 33234P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0305 / 786
ZIP Code 33238P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33239P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33242P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33243P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33245P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33247P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33255P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0305 / 786
ZIP Code 33256P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0305 / 786
ZIP Code 33257P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33261P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0305 / 786 / 954
ZIP Code 33265P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33266P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33269P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786
ZIP Code 33280P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0305 / 954
ZIP Code 33283P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0305 / 786
ZIP Code 33296P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0305 / 786
ZIP Code 33299P.O. BoxMiami-Dade0786

Miami Demographic Information

Total population399,457
Male population198,927
Female population200,530
Median age (years)38.8
White Population289,920
Black Population76,880
Indian Population1,195
Asian Population3,953
Hawaiian Population85
Hispanic Population279,456
Median age (Male)37.9
Median age (Female)39.8
Total households158,317
Family households (families)90,032
Average household size2.47
Average family size3.15
Total housing units183,994

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