LBC Parcel Tracker Online

LBC Parcel Tracker Online

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It is important to know the zip code where you want to send a parcel so there I will help you to find the zip code.

So read this article to know details about LBC and how you can use LBC Parcel Tracking Tool Online.

What is LBC Parcel

LBC (Luzon Brokerage Corporation) Parcel is a parcel delivery service provided by LBC Express. It is a Philippines-based company that specializes in the delivery of packages, documents, and remittances.

LBC Parcel provides a variety of services such as door-to-door delivery, cargo shipping, and logistics solutions for individuals, businesses, and other organizations.

They have a wide network of branches and partners across the Philippines and even internationally, which allows them to provide fast, reliable, and secure delivery services.

Where is the tracking number located on my LBC receipt?

You will get your tracking number, on the bottom left side of your LBC receipt. there you will see a bar code and your tracking is below the bar code.

LBC Tracking Number Formats

LBC Express uses a specific format for its tracking numbers. The format usually consists of a combination of letters and numbers. The typical format for an LBC tracking number is as follows:

LBC tracking numbers start with the letter “R”, “L”, “C”, “P” or “V”, followed by a combination of 12 numbers.

Example: R123456789012

Please note that LBC may also use different formats for their tracking numbers, depending on the type of service or package being sent. It’s best to check with LBC or the sender for more information on the specific tracking number format being used.

Additionally, you can track your package on the LBC website by entering the tracking number, you will be able to see the status of the package, the expected delivery date and time, and the location of the package during transit.

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