What is the 84198 Zip Code?

What is the 84198 Zip Code

Are you looking for Zip Code 884198?

If Yes, then this is the right place to find out the complete details about Zip Code 841898 and what are other zip codes.

It is important to know the zip code where you want to send a parcel so there I will help you to find the zip code.

What is the 84198 Zip Code

The 84198 zip code is a postal code used in the United States. Postal codes in the United States are comprised of five digits and are used to identify a specific geographic location for the purpose of delivering mail.

The first three digits of a zip code identify a specific geographic region, while the last two digits identify a smaller geographic area within that region.

In the case of zip code 84198, the first three digits identify a specific geographic area, but without more context or information, I cannot determine the specific location.

To find information on the area associated with a specific zip code in the United States, you can use online resources such as the United States Postal Service’s website or third-party websites that provide zip code maps and data.

What Are 84198’s Ties To Lithuania?

Zip code 84198 is a five-digit postal code in the United States, and as such, it has no direct ties to Lithuania.

Postal codes in the United States are used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to deliver mail and packages within the country, and they are not used to identify a specific country or location outside of the United States.

Lithuania, on the other hand, uses a different postal code system and does not use five-digit postal codes. Instead, Lithuania uses a seven-digit postal code system that is used to identify specific locations within the country.

Zip Code of Utah

Zip CodeCityCountyPopulation 
84095South JordanSalt Lake County73,808
84118Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County71,133
84043LehiUtah County67,436
84015ClearfieldDavis County67,245
84404OgdenWeber County64,249
84119Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County53,536
84074TooeleTooele County53,254
84003American ForkUtah County51,917
84041LaytonDavis County51,512
84120Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County51,130
84020DraperSalt Lake County48,594
84790Saint GeorgeWashington County47,849
84062Pleasant GroveUtah County47,591
84321LoganCache County46,634
84065RivertonSalt Lake County46,338
84010BountifulDavis County46,326
84604ProvoUtah County46,099
84770Saint GeorgeWashington County43,594
84058OremUtah County42,952
84660Spanish ForkUtah County42,535
84401OgdenWeber County41,324
84057OremUtah County40,565
84067RoyWeber County40,009
84121Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County39,895
84037KaysvilleDavis County39,119
84088West JordanSalt Lake County38,761
84084West JordanSalt Lake County38,463
84123Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County38,082
84606ProvoUtah County37,351
84403OgdenWeber County36,762
84106Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County35,166
84107Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County34,914
84663SpringvilleUtah County34,642
84116Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County34,588
84601ProvoUtah County33,771
84047MidvaleSalt Lake County33,454
84405OgdenWeber County33,402
84414OgdenWeber County31,210
84070SandySalt Lake County30,595
84075SyracuseDavis County30,427
84078VernalUintah County29,654
84094SandySalt Lake County29,586
84092SandySalt Lake County28,699
84128Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County27,921
84115Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County27,627
84780WashingtonWashington County27,518
84651PaysonUtah County27,142
84044MagnaSalt Lake County27,029
84104Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County26,761
84302Brigham CityBox Elder County26,259
84040LaytonDavis County25,376
84721Cedar CityIron County25,286
84109Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County25,217
84341LoganCache County24,949
84025FarmingtonDavis County24,497
84032Heber CityWasatch County24,229
84093SandySalt Lake County24,140
84117Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County23,799
84097OremUtah County22,994
84124Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County22,884
84103Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County22,881
84105Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County22,812
84720Cedar CityIron County22,132
84108Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County21,864
84054North Salt LakeDavis County20,516
84098Park CitySummit County19,395
84737HurricaneWashington County19,316
84102Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County19,016
84014CentervilleDavis County17,527
84087Woods CrossDavis County15,976
84655SantaquinUtah County13,877
84335SmithfieldCache County13,713
84337TremontonBox Elder County13,390
84111Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County13,030
84501PriceCarbon County12,983
84066RooseveltDuchesne County12,573
84029GrantsvilleTooele County11,844
84050MorganMorgan County11,666
84042LindonUtah County11,135
84004AlpineUtah County10,573
84532MoabGrand County10,103
84664MapletonUtah County9,994
84738IvinsWashington County9,493
84653SalemUtah County9,481
84315HooperWeber County9,218
84319HyrumCache County8,961
84701RichfieldSevier County8,877
84060Park CitySummit County8,684
84332ProvidenceCache County7,945
84036KamasSummit County7,754
84627EphraimSanpete County7,563
84765Santa ClaraWashington County7,234
84648NephiJuab County6,659
84741KanabKane County6,180
84049MidwayWasatch County5,883
84339WellsvilleCache County5,830
84624DeltaMillard County5,641
84101Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County5,202
84318Hyde ParkCache County4,883
84312GarlandBox Elder County4,766
84511BlandingSan Juan County4,695
84310EdenWeber County4,653
84017CoalvilleSummit County4,569
84745La VerkinWashington County4,413
84526HelperCarbon County4,114
84647Mount PleasantSanpete County4,063
84754MonroeSevier County4,033
84021DuchesneDuchesne County3,793
84642MantiSanpete County3,790
84634GunnisonSanpete County3,657
84056Hill AfbDavis County3,568
84761ParowanIron County3,556
84713BeaverBeaver County3,480
84535MonticelloSan Juan County3,354
84629FairviewSanpete County3,309
84340WillardBox Elder County3,207
84645MonaJuab County3,204
84784HildaleWashington County2,921
84631FillmoreMillard County2,912
84333RichmondCache County2,896
84654SalinaSevier County2,886
84528HuntingtonEmery County2,867
84534Montezuma CreekSan Juan County2,714
84320LewistonCache County2,609
84317HuntsvilleWeber County2,536
84112Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County2,402
84751MilfordBeaver County2,370
84759PanguitchGarfield County2,175
84325MendonCache County2,174
84326MillvilleCache County1,892
84071StocktonTooele County1,806
84523FerronEmery County1,719
84774ToquervilleWashington County1,681
84622CenterfieldSanpete County1,604
84725EnterpriseWashington County1,602
84542WellingtonCarbon County1,596
84646MoroniSanpete County1,592
84055OakleySummit County1,503
84662Spring CitySanpete County1,477
84052MytonDuchesne County1,457
84328ParadiseCache County1,440
84513Castle DaleEmery County1,426
84083WendoverTooele County1,384
84757New HarmonyWashington County1,373
84026Fort DuchesneUintah County1,306
84520East CarbonCarbon County1,261
84537OrangevilleEmery County1,253
84536Monument ValleySan Juan County1,239
84747LoaWayne County1,224
84314HoneyvilleBox Elder County1,211
84632Fountain GreenSanpete County1,158
84033HeneferSummit County1,156
84053NeolaDuchesne County1,133
84724ElsinoreSevier County1,110
84082WallsburgWasatch County1,079
84649Oak CityMillard County1,047
84633GoshenUtah County1,032
84324MantuaBox Elder County1,017
84064RandolphRich County1,007
84307CorinneBox Elder County969
84746LeedsWashington County961
84722CentralWashington County940
84635HinckleyMillard County927
84620AuroraSevier County916
84013Cedar ValleyUtah County910
84639LevanJuab County908
84723CirclevillePiute County880
84006Bingham CanyonSalt Lake County839
84518ClevelandEmery County831
84752MinersvilleBeaver County826
84711AnnabellaSevier County826
84512BluffSan Juan County822
84525Green RiverEmery County814
84327NewtonCache County800
84637KanoshMillard County796
84531Mexican HatSan Juan County776
84652RedmondSevier County770
84726EscalanteGarfield County764
84521ElmoEmery County761
84779VirginWashington County760
84783Dammeron ValleyWashington County738
84311FieldingBox Elder County724
84007BluebellDuchesne County722
84301Bear River CityBox Elder County721
84305ClarkstonCache County691
84001AltamontDuchesne County688
84665SterlingSanpete County683
84022DugwayTooele County672
84628EurekaJuab County669
84039LapointUintah County664
84767SpringdaleWashington County647
84782VeyoWashington County638
84739JosephSevier County634
84714BerylIron County631
84750MarysvalePiute County590
84027FruitlandDuchesne County587
84636HoldenMillard County578
84028Garden CityRich County573
84051Mountain HomeDuchesne County547
84338TrentonCache County546
84760ParagonahIron County525
84630FayetteSanpete County522
84643MayfieldSanpete County507
84776TropicGarfield County481
84069Rush ValleyTooele County479
84085WhiterocksUintah County473
84716BoulderGarfield County471
84626ElbertaUtah County466
84758OrdervilleKane County461
84775TorreyWayne County460
84623ChesterSanpete County454
84076TridellUintah County451
84144Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County437
84730GlenwoodSevier County435
84657SigurdSevier County430
84086WoodruffRich County428
84729GlendaleKane County427
84667WalesSanpete County418
84046ManilaDaggett County412
84038LaketownRich County407
84309DeweyvilleBox Elder County396
84330PlymouthBox Elder County380
84656ScipioMillard County367
84710AltonKane County363
84638LeamingtonMillard County362
84718CannonvilleGarfield County350
84080VernonTooele County349
84316HowellBox Elder County347
84522EmeryEmery County344
84035JensenUintah County343
84072TabionaDuchesne County340
84539SunnysideCarbon County328
84756NewcastleIron County326
84336SnowvilleBox Elder County317
84744KoosharemSevier County316
84715BicknellWayne County316
84734HanksvilleWayne County315
84002AltonahDuchesne County314
84742KanarravilleIron County308
84061PeoaSummit County292
84766SevierSevier County287
84018CroydonMorgan County284
84073TalmageDuchesne County271
84740JunctionPiute County271
84306CollinstonBox Elder County269
84331PortageBox Elder County262
84530La SalSan Juan County255
84308CornishCache County253
84772SummitIron County252
84764BryceGarfield County250
84736HenrievilleGarfield County249
84773TeasdaleWayne County242
84763RockvilleWashington County221
84334RiversideBox Elder County212
84031HannaDuchesne County210
84034IbapahTooele County206
84113Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County190
84735HatchGarfield County171
84023Dutch JohnDaggett County167
84733GunlockWashington County160
84063RandlettUintah County152
84749LymanWayne County141
84329Park ValleyBox Elder County127
84640LynndylMillard County127
84781Pine ValleyWashington County122
84304Cache JunctionCache County120
84529KenilworthCarbon County119
84621AxtellSanpete County111
84712AntimonyGarfield County111
84533Lake PowellSan Juan County105
84540ThompsonGrand County99
84516ClawsonEmery County84
84731GreenvilleBeaver County78
84762Duck Creek VillageKane County75
84313Grouse CreekBox Elder County62
84755Mount CarmelKane County47
84728GarrisonMillard County46
84732GreenwichPiute County45
84024EchoSummit County44
84719Brian HeadIron County43
84743KingstonPiute County17
84753ModenaIron County5
84180Salt Lake CitySalt Lake County
84515CiscoGrand County

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